‘Improving the partnership between parents and teachers’ with Firefly Learning

2nd December 2020

In December 2020 we partnered with Firefly Learning to hold a roundtable discussion on how we can improve the partnership between parents and teachers.


The following paper summarises the discussion that took place. You can read it here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a new way of working upon teachers, pupils, and parents alike. Widespread school closures and a shift to home learning has brought a need for teachers and parents to adapt and find ways to ensure that children can continue to learn remotely. The role and involvement of parents in their child’s learning has been placed under a microscope, with parents expected to assist in the teaching or manage the learning of their children.

The benefits of successful partnerships can be significant: research has shown that strong parental engagement has a positive impact on academic attainment, regardless of age or socio-economic status. It is vital that schools and families work together to ensure that pupils receive a high-quality and consistent education in the face of possible further closures.

This roundtable was intended to highlight best practice for the school: home relationship, focusing on why the relationship is important, examples of best practice and how all schools can improve these vital relationships.

You can find out more about Firefly Learning and read their blog of the event here.


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