EPI Data Tools

Alongside our publications and research, the research team at the Education Policy Institute are working on producing a number of interactive data tools, allowing readers to explore some of our key findings and the latest trends in education. 

You can find links to our latest interactive data tools below. The EPI tools can be accessed on all devices, but for the best experience, a laptop or PC is recommended. 


Effective School Groups Data Tool


This data tool presents a set of metrics developed in order to help inform judgements about the inclusion and attainment of school groups in England, allowing users to make comparisons between individual school groups. It is motivated by the notion that there is no single measure by which a school or school group should or could be judged. Instead multiple metrics should be viewed in tandem to allow for a more balanced and nuanced picture of the relative strengths and weaknesses of different school groups.

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School funding model interactive maps


The interactive maps below show the projected changes in school funding across England by parliamentary constituency and local authority area, using EPI’s new school funding model, as well as the projected changes in pupil numbers driving this. The maps show the significant impact that projected falls in pupil numbers could have on school funding.

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Children and Young People’s Mental Health Policies Tracker


This tracker records the progress made on policies for children and young people’s mental health. Progress is measured against five key policy documents published since 2015, with each policy commitment assigned a rating according to whether commitments have been delivered upon, according to publicly available data.

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Geographic Disadvantage Gaps


This Data Tool displays interactive maps with the latest data from the 2023 Education Policy Institute report on the disadvantage gap in education – the gap in grades between disadvantaged students and their more affluent peers. The disadvantage gap is a leading measure of social mobility in England and an indicator of the government’s progress in reducing inequalities in education.

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