Geographic Disadvantage Gaps

These data tools display the latest data from the 2023 Education Policy Institute annual report on the disadvantage gap in education – the gap in grades between disadvantaged students and their more affluent peers. The disadvantage gap is a leading measure of social mobility in England and an indicator of the government’s progress in reducing inequalities in education. 

This report includes interactive geographic tools for understanding how disadvantage gaps vary across England. For all phases and levels of geography we compare the attainment of disadvantaged pupils locally to the attainment of non-disadvantaged pupils nationally. 

Click LAUNCH to explore the data from our report on geographic disadvantage gaps. The interactive maps allows users to explore the diadvantage gap across education phases at a regional and local authority level. 

Our interactive data can be accessed on all devices, but for the best experience, a laptop or PC is recommended. 



Read the full report: The data for this Tool is based on the 2023 EPI Annual Report, published in December 2023.

This research is funded by the Sequoia Trust and Unbound Philanthropy. 

Unbound Philanthropy is an independent private grantmaking foundation that invests in leaders and organizations in the US and UK working to build a vibrant, welcoming society and just immigration system.