11th January 2021

How leading education nations develop and reform their curriculum systems

The Education Policy Institute has published an evidence review on curriculum policy in leading education nations, commissioned by Patrick Wall, founder of edpol.

Curriculum policy in England has been characterised by frequent change in recent decades. In order to identify lessons about how curriculum systems can be better formulated and revised in England, this evidence review outlines how five leading education nations around the world have developed their curriculum systems in recent years.

The countries included in this review are Finland, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland and South Korea.

You can download the full report here


This is the first of two reviews aiming to understand how leading education nations around the world develop their education policies. The second (below) considers the role of research and evaluation in education policymaking in leading nations.


This research is supported edpol, an ongoing research project founded by author and researcher Patrick Wall, which aims to support better and more enduring policy change.

For further information visit: edpol.net