In May 2022, the Education Policy Institute (EPI) held an event to reflect on the Schools Bill and its policy reforms, kindly sponsored by Capita. 

Teachers and pupils have faced immense challenges over the past two years due to the pandemic and these challenges are ongoing. Recent EPI research for the Department for Education shows that while there has been some learning recoveryon average pupils continue to remain behind in reading and mathematics compared to pre-pandemic progress, with learning losses greater for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In late March, the government published its ‘Opportunities for all: Strong schools with great teachers for your child’ White Paper. The first Schools White Paper to be published in six years, it set out several ambitious, long-term goals to improve pupil outcomes, delivered through a series of measures and major reforms to the school system. The government has stated that its goals are to provide an excellent teacher for every child; deliver high standards of curriculum, behaviour and attendance; offer targeted support for children who need it and deliver a stronger and fairer school system.

In the wake of the announcement of the Schools Bill, which provides the necessary legislation for the Schools White Paper, this event brought together policymakers, school leaders and sector experts to discuss the opportunities and hurdles that its 2030 plans for the school system present; the future role of trusts, local authorities, regional bodies and parents; as well as the additional measures needed to reduce learning loss, raise standards and close the disadvantage gap.

*Please find a recording of the event below and a summary paper of here.*