30th July 2019

EPI Annual Report 2019: The education disadvantage gap in your area

The Education Policy Institute has published its 2019 Annual Report on the state of education in England – including the progress made in closing the gap in attainment between disadvantaged pupils and their peers.

This Geographical Analysis Pack considers how the disadvantage gap varies across the country. It also includes the latest data on pupil attainment, and the size of the gap for the worst-off pupils, at three phases of education – early years (reception year), primary school (Key stage 2) and secondary school (Key stage 4).  The post-16 destinations of disadvantaged students are also available. 

Data is available by local authority, parliamentary constituency, Opportunity area, City region, and Regional School Commissioner (RSC) region.

You can view and download the Geographical Pack here

An interactive version of these data breakdowns
, which allows for comparisons between local authorities, and contains downloadable data tables, can be found in our Disadvantage Gap data visualisation tool.

Our full Annual Report, a summary of its key findings, and all other documents can be found here.