28th January 2019

EPI response to Government’s new Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy

Today the Department for Education has published its new strategy for recruiting and retaining teachers. The strategy sets out key areas where focus, investment and reform can have the biggest impact on teacher recruitment and retention. 


Responding to the new strategy, EPI’s Director of School Workforce, James Zuccollo, said:

The department’s additional support for early-career teachers and introduction of retention payments in shortage subjects are steps in the right direction, as is the additional payment to encourage new teachers into challenging schools. EPI and others have estimated that improvements in early-career retention could be sufficient to reverse the falling number of secondary teachers.

“However, these crucial measures appear likely to apply only to teachers entering training from 2020 onward, leaving at least two more years of potentially falling teacher numbers.” 


DfE’s Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy can be found here

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