2nd December 2022

EPI responds to the Sutton Trust’s report into the cost of living and education

Jo Hutchinson, Director for SEND and Additional Needs, said: “Today’s report from the Sutton Trust paints a bleak picture for young people’s ​heath, wellbeing, and educational outcomes. While the difficulties facing teachers and pupils in the most deprived schools are concerning, the growing prevalence of these challenges in the least disadvantaged schools is even more worrying. This highlights the far-reaching impact of the current cost of living crisis. The effects of disadvantage are now reaching increasing numbers of pupils attending schools that are not experienced at combatting the challenges associated with poverty and with fewer resources due to their smaller pupil premium budgets. Alongside better targeted support for disadvantaged pupils, it’s now clearer than ever that a cross-government child poverty strategy is required to combat poverty’s growing presence in the classroom.”

You can find the full research here.