6th October 2021

New research project to consider the impact of Covid-19 on children’s language, socio-emotional and educational outcomes

The Nuffield Foundation has commissioned the Education Policy Institute (EPI), the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) and Sheffield University to assess the impact of the pandemic on children’s educational, language, social and emotional outcomes.

This project aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the impact of Covid-19 on the early years of schooling. It will collect data on children’s language and emotional development from Reception through to Year 2, as well as comparing statutory assessment data for three years before and three years following the onset of Covid-19.

The project will collect the views of teachers on the impact of the pandemic on the educational environment, alongside the views of parents on how Covid-19 has affected their children’s development.


Get involved: how schools can take part in the project

We’re looking for primary schools to take part in the new project – if you’re interested, please contact icicles@niesr.ac.uk