In March 2017 a consultation was launched on the future of the primary assessment system in England. 

The government’s stated aim for the proposal was to ‘ensure that we establish a stable, trusted assessment system that supports all children to fulfil their potential, whatever their background’.  The consultation seeks views on the best starting point from which to measure pupils’ progress, how to ensure the assessment system is proportionate, and how to improve statutory end of key stage teacher assessments.

EPI has today published its official submission. Its key recommendations include:

1. Implementing a single suite of validated baseline assessments, age-standardised and completed annually during reception year, year 1 and year 2.

2. Making all teacher assessments in key stages 1 and 2 non-statutory, except for children who cannot take the tests.

3. Making the phonics screening check, the spelling, punctuation and grammar test, and the proposed multiplication check non-statutory, but available through a national test bank.

4. Allowing flexibility in assessment methods and content to meet the needs of ethnic minorities and students with SEND, along with the potential to be implemented by trained professionals.

You can download the response in full here