20th May 2023

EPI local authority analysis: Report for Essex Education Task Force

This is the second Education Policy Institute (EPI) report to Essex County Council’s Education Task Force, an independent body created to oversee post-Covid recovery in education and young people’s mental health in Essex.

EPI has been commissioned to track how well early years providers, schools and further education settings in the county are supporting young people and closing the gap between the most disadvantaged and the rest.

This seond report examines the state of the disadvantage, attainment, and the disadvantage gap at key stage four in Essex in 2022.

In addition, the report provides local comparisons within Essex, as well as selecting similar counties and local authorities from across England to provide more context on how well Essex enables disadvantaged pupils to achieve.

You can read the full report here.

EPI analysis for local authorities: if you are a local authority interested in commissioning EPI to undertake analysis of the education gaps in your area, contact info@epi.org.uk.