16th December 2016

Entry and attainment in STEM subjects at GCSE in grammar school areas

In September the Education Policy Institute carried out new analyses examining the impact of
academic selection in grammar schools on attainment and social mobility in England. The results were published in the report ‘Grammar schools and social mobility’.

royal-societySubsequently, in order to inform its official submission to the Government consultation ‘Schools that work for everyone’, the Royal Society commissioned the Education Policy Institute to examine two
further questions relating to performance in STEM subjects, specifically:

– Do grammar school areas have lower proportion of FSM (free school meal) students taking single science, or alternative science qualifications at 16 than non-grammar school areas?

– Do grammar school areas have a lower proportion of FSM students with GCSE maths grade
D (or C) or less than non-grammar school areas?

You can read the analysis here.

Read the Royal Society’s full consultation response.

The Education Policy Institute’s own response to ‘Schools that work for everyone’ can be read here.