1st February 2023

EPI comments on the National Audit Office’s report into education recovery

Jon Andrews, Head of Analaysis at the Education Policy Institute (EPI), said: “This report on education recovery is timely and reminds us that many children lost significant learning time during the pandemic, and have yet to catch up. Our own research underlines that there has been a particularly adverse impact on outcomes for more disadvantaged children, and those living in the so-called “levelling up” areas of the country.”

“Unless we recover this lost learning, there could be a significant negative impact on both productivity and social mobility – yet education has not made it into the PM’s list of his top five priorities. The stand-off between government and unions over pay risks further disruption to learning, with particularly adverse impacts for children who have already fallen behind because of Covid. There is a big gap right now between the view of government and unions over pay, but it is essential that both sides work hard to find a solution that avoids further setbacks to our country’s education recovery.”

You can find the NAO’s full report here.