27th September 2022

EPI comments on the Labour Party’s announcement for breakfast clubs in each primary school in England

Natalie Perera, Chief Executive of the Education Policy Institute, said: “We welcome the commitment made today to provide breakfast clubs in every primary school. Last year, EPI recommended additional funding to support extended school activities in the wake of the pandemic and as part of a wider education recovery and resilience package. This reflected evidence that, implemented correctly, extended school activities can have a positive effect on young people’s attainment and wider benefits still for those from disadvantaged families.

“With increasing child poverty, breakfast clubs in particular can provide a much-needed source of nutrition for young children as well as support for families with the cost of living. In developing this policy, the Labour Party must ensure that it is fully funded and does not contribute to increased workloads for teachers. At a time when schools are facing increasing cost pressures and difficulties recruiting and retaining staff, new policies should not exacerbate those challenges.”