11th July 2023

EPI comments on Key Stage 2 attainment data for 2023

Commenting on 2023’s KS2 attainment data, Jon Andrews, Head of Analysis at the Education Policy Institute, said: “While there have been small increases in the percentage of pupils reaching the expected standard in maths and writing, these are still well below pre-pandemic results.

“We will have to wait until the autumn for analysis by pupil characteristics, but our own analysis, published earlier this year, showed again that socio-economically disadvantaged pupils suffered greater learning losses due to the pandemic’s disruption. We saw that the attainment gap in reading between schools with the highest and lowest levels of socioeconomic disadvantage remained wider than before the pandemic. Although the immediate disruption of the pandemic has passed, the impact it had on younger cohorts may remain with us for some years yet.”


You can view 2023’s KS2 attainment data here.