Roundtable: Educational Outcomes of Children with an Additional Language   

26th March 2018 28/03/2018 14:00-16:00

On 26th March EPI will host a discussion of the findings and recommendations in our recent report, ‘Educational Outcomes of Children with English as an Additional Language.

Findings will be presented by report author Jo Hutchinson, Director of Social Mobility & Vulnerable Learners.

The key questions for the discussion will be: 

•    What should be the highest priorities for new government policy to support children with EAL? How achievable are these?
•    What should the next piece(s) of EAL research focus on, and where do we need more evidence than we have?
•    EAL assessment (English language proficiency) is a key area where the evidence is still developing – what should be the next steps for the government and the research community?

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