Disadvantage Gap Data Tool

This Data Tool displays the latest data from the 2022 Education Policy Institute report on the disadvantage gap in education – the gap in grades between disadvantaged students and their more affluent peers. The disadvantage gap is a leading measure of social mobility in England and an indicator of the government’s progress in reducing inequalities in education. 

Our latest report considers the disadvantage gap nationally, as well as at a local level, and among different groups of pupils – including by varying levels of disadvantage. It uses 2020 data, the year which saw grades based on teacher assessments or an algorithm.

Click LAUNCH to explore all the data from our disadvantage gaps report with this interactive Disadvantage Gap Data Tool. The tool allows users to explore a number of different gap measures through different data breakdowns – which can also be downloaded.

Our interactive data can be accessed on all devices, but for the best experience, a laptop or PC is recommended. 



Read the full report: The data for this Tool is based on the report, ‘Covid-19 and Disadvantage gaps in England 2020‘, published in February 2022.

This research is funded by the Nuffield Foundation